About me

Having spent over thirty years working London’s financial districts I understand the difficulties of maintaining a healthy work/life balance and the effects of work stress on anxiety levels and mental health. 

The most important element of counselling is the relationship between the counsellor and client and I aim to provide a calm, compassionate atmosphere of unconditional acceptance to help clients work through issues at a pace that suits them. I work holistically, reflecting on my client’s history and present circumstances. Having trained as an Integrative Counsellor I can tailor an individual approach with each of my clients by drawing from various therapy models including:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy -focuses on how our thinking affects our feelings and behaviour

Person-Centred  - focuses on creating an environment for positive change through the ‘core conditions’ of genuineness, unconditional acceptance and empathy

Transactional Analysis  - focuses on parent, adult and child states of human personality

Trauma informed approach - rebuilding a sense of safety rather than reliving the trauma

Neurosomatic therapy  for ME/CFS (from which I have suffered)